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Are you working for your first time to create an influential web site design and not sure where you should start? Well creating something that’s truly inspiring isn’t an easy process, because sometimes too much design can look bad, and sometimes too little can have the reverse affect. But there are some general principals you should follow when you are attempting to create a web site that looks great. Generally simpler design looks better than too much design, but it’s all about finding the right medium and it’s important to know where and how to place those elements in order to make less look like more. This article will not tell you how to be creative, that’s something you either have or you don’t, but we can tell you some principles that make a design great as opposed to bad.

The first principle that you should focus on is the color scheme, it’s probably the most important part of the page. I’ve found while working with graphic designers that if they focus on the logo of the business first, and establish the colors for the logo, then those should be used throughout the rest of the design and rarely should you add too many more main color themes that weren’t used in the logo. Picking a good color scheme in the past few years has gotten easier than it has ever been, you can reference thousands of well-designed websites and just use their color schemes, there are websites out there on the web that help making choosing a good color scheme a lot easier, and there’s other techniques, such as you can find a good picture of anything (landscape, etc) that you think looks great, use the eye dropper and pick out colors from the graphic that work well together.

Another principle that you should consider is stock graphics, there is a great resource at istockphoto that lets you buy stock photos for very cheap, and then you can use those images wherever you would like and they will really help brighten any of your designs. They even offer vector images on their website, such as icons, which if you’ve been to many websites recently, you will see they utilize these icons quite often and they can really brighten the look and feel of a website design. The one rule to follow though, if you find dozens of graphics that you really love and really want to use, don’t even think about it, if you over do the graphics, your site will just look cluttered and ugly.

The last principle this article will discuss is the font. A lot of beginner graphic designers think that using crazy fancy fonts is the way to go, but that’s just not true. For one, there’s really a limit to the fonts that you can use when just using text in HTML, which is going to be a majority of the text on the website, but also most fancy fonts are just impossible to read and really can make a pretty good designed website that utilizes the rest of the principles in this article, and make the design look like crap. Use fonts that are easy to read, that are bold (but not too bold) and aren’t too crazy fancy, and especially not cursive. If you surf 100 websites on the web randomly, I guarantee you that you’d be lucky to find a website that uses any cursive at all. I’d bet it would be 0.0001% of the web has cursive font on their websites, so just don’t do it and avoid it if you can. Sometimes it’s nice to be different than the rest, but in this scenario it’s better not to be, because I’m sure some would not be able to read your text.

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