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Methods to Add Yourself to the Top Search Engines

Have you just built a website for the first time but you’d like to give your friends and people across the internet the opportunity to find it on the web. There is actually several ways to get it included in the major search engines, and some would argue some of these ways are better than others. Some of these options include Natural Link Development, Submitting a Sitemap to Google/Bing Webmaster tools, or using the site suggests tools for each of the major search engines.

The first method is probably the preferred method that most experts would recommend any company to follow in helping their website get listed and indexed. If your website is popular or people are linking to it, which is the major search engines measuring stick to determine if that website is a popular website, than the search engines will want to index your content. At least that’s the philosophy behind this technique and from all indications it does work that way. Just building a few backlinks into your website, can lead to at least your homepage being indexed, and in time can lead to your entire website being indexed. I think the more backlinks or votes that a website collects, the more the search engines want to crawl the site and have that site rank in its search results.

Although the natural method below is probably one of the best ways to get your website indexed, you shouldn’t just focus on that method, this next method is also great for not only getting your site noticed in the first place, but also helping Google to understand your site architecture and to help it’s bot understand how to index the entire website. If you just do the first method only, if your site is relatively small in size, than it shouldn’t be an issue, but if your site is some sort of directory or is constantly growing, mixing that method with this method, will help you get a large portion of your website indexed with a minimal amount of time. This method is where you go to the webmaster tool sections for each of the major search engines (Google and Bing) and you can submit an XML sitemap that contains all the url’s in your website. A good tool to use to create a sitemap is a Sitemap Generator, which can crawl your website and then export out a sitemap for use on the website. You can also use with many third party application tools or Content Management Systems; create sitemaps on the fly whenever you create a page on your website.

The last method, is really outdated, and isn’t really a great direction to go anymore, but for smaller search engines such as Excite! and dogpile, you can go to each search engine, and suggest a website they should crawl. We would really only advice these options for smaller search engines, because the other options in this article are a lot better than this method for the major search engines. Also submitting to smaller search engines shouldn’t be a huge priority since they only make up a couple percent of the search engine industry, and focusing on Google and Bing will drive a majority of your traffic.

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