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How to: Increase Web Traffic Through the Web

This article will focus on helping you learn different techniques to improve traffic to your website. There are really two main types of traffic you can hope to achieve. The first type of traffic is through marketing methods, there are plenty of non-web techniques but this article will focus on SEO and PPC. The second type of traffic is Direct Clicks, either through referring your friends or by submitting your website to sites that has customers that would benefit from your website directly. That last point actually would help your chances to gain online marketed traffic as well.

So the first type of online marketing we will discuss is probably the easiest and the least time consuming type of online marketing, however it’s definitely more expensive other time than the next marketing method I will discuss after this paragraph. We are starting with Pay per Click, which is also known as PPC. One of the most common PPC companies that most companies deal with is Google Adwords, because Google has the largest market of the search traffic industry. Because of this, you can reach out to a lot more searchers than really any other search company on the web. Another large one is MSN which combines all of Microsoft websites and Yahoo after they merged their search technologies recently to better compete with Google. Getting setup with any of these PPC companies takes very little time, and requires only a small initial amount of money to get started, but be very careful, because if you are bidding to high on keywords that are highly competitive, you can quickly spend most of your money, and most of the sites, automatically withdraw more money from your account when you existing balance is low. I would recommend looking into buying books and reading or attending a seminar on how to use Google Adwords or MSN Search Marketing before really getting serious on PPC, because you could end up wasting a lot of money and not getting as much return on investment than you were expecting.

The next is a topic we discuss a lot on this website either in our news or in our Search Engine Optimization Blog and that’s SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is how you can gain a lot of traffic to your website, without really having to pay a lot to get it, and usually once you are there, you only need to do minimal work to generally keep your high rankings, though you may need to do more continuously depending on your industry and how competitive it is. We have worked with clients who their markets are so saturated with competition that millions of companies are competing for those first few spots on Google, and because of that, you must constantly be working to add content and link developing your website. This article won’t really go into details about what SEO is, but rather mention the terms and now that will allow you to visit your local store and get books that are related to the top that can help you understand the basics. The industry is very large, and you may find that you don’t have time to work on getting this free traffic, so you may want to outsource to a company that can help you do this for you.

Lastly you can find traffic for your website, by avoiding search and finding ways to attract customers directly to your website. If you’re a hobbyist website and your more about information then actually selling stuff, you may find sites that are related to your industry that are willing to link to your website, because of the fact that your website has so much great information on it. You will need to request the sites and tell them how your content would greatly help their website, and if they insist on a link back in return, go ahead and provide this for them. Create a related resources page on your website, which links to these websites. This is considered a reciprocal link, and in the world of SEO they aren’t as valuable as getting a one-way link to your website, but either way they still can help you get the visitors of your related site to come to your website through the link.

Well that’s it that concludes this topic which was a brief introduction into the topics that a lot of online marketing companies deal with every day. If you are unsure what you should be doing to get traffic to your website, continue to read the articles on this website or sales@allisolutions.comemail us and explain your current situation and the troubles you are facing and we will give you free advice.

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